DVD : Secretary of State Jon Husted - Press Briefing on Voter Roll Maintenance
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Secy. Husted Announces Partnership to Enhance Voter Registration Outreach, Improve Roll Accuracy

COLUMBUS - Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted announces a national, interstate partnership to enhance voter engagement by encouraging eligible Ohioans to register as well as improve the accuracy of the state's voter rolls to reduce issues and lines at the polls ahead of the 2016 Presidential Election.
Since Secretary Husted took office in 2011, Ohio has removed nearly 475,000 deceased voters from the rolls and resolved over 1.3 million duplicate registrations. Over 1.5 million voters have updated their registration after receiving the state's National Change of Address mailing and 343,000 Ohioans have utilized Secretary Husted's new online change of address tool. This has resulted in more absentee and provisional ballots being counted and fewer provisional ballots being necessary on Election Day.
June 14, 2016