DVD : Momentum - Excellence at the Speed of Dance - "One World, One Beat"
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Fourth-graders from Central Ohio city schools perform at the culmination of BalletMet's Momentum, a yearlong in-school program of BalletMet's Department of Education.

BalletMet Momentum is based on a national dance outreach initiative developed by Jacques d'Amboise, former New York City Ballet dancer. BalletMet's program has evolved to meet the needs of the central Ohio community. Now in its fifth year, Momentum uses dance to teach life skills and enhance knowledge of academic areas.

Through exploration of music and movement, participants learn discipline and are encouraged to strive for personal excellence. They also get health benefits and a basic awareness of dance skills. The program is funded by the schools, grants and BalletMet and is led by Momentum administrator Monica Kridler.
May 14, 2009