DVD : Momentum - Excellence at the Speed of Dance - "Art Moves"
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BalletMet Momentum is a program that engages 4th-grade students in movement, music, choreography and uses dance as a springboard to help children develop excellence, discipline and self-confidence. All classes integrate the Ohio Dept. of Education's Dance Content Standards. Participating students present a year-end performance on stage.

The 2011 program stars 475 elementary students and school staff members performing "Art Moves"...

Disaster has struck at the Columbus Museum of Art! One of the most beautiful paintings in the whole museum has gone missing! And worse still, the ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand reopening of the museum is in just a few hours! Fortunately, help arrives in the form of two small and mighty mice, Gertie and Jorge. All alone in the dark and spooky closed museum, the mice know it is up to them to find the painting and and save the ceremony. It is hard work solving the puzzle, and sometimes they even want to give up. But they work together as a team to follow the trail of clues that leads them right to the missing painting! Thanks to their cleverness, the grand reopening is a triumph! So when the going gets tough, think like Gertie and Jorge - don't give up, rely on your friends, and use your head! And always remember that no matter how small we are, we can always be mighty, too!
May 25, 2011